Indivisible Project’s Statement on Shutdown Vote

JANUARY 20, 2018

Indivisible Project’s Statement on Shutdown Vote

Washington, DC — Today, Ezra Levin, Co-Executive Director of the Indivisible Project, Issued the following statement:

“Disgraceful. Never in our nation’s history have we had a government shut down completely when a single party has been in control. Yet, Republicans in Congress have decided it’s better to shut down our government than provide relief for 800,000 American kids. By doing so, they have put Trump’s racist political agenda ahead of funding the government, paying our federal employees, protecting Dreamers, and reauthorization of the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

Last week, leaders from both parties reached an agreement on DACA that would have averted this shutdown. But a day after saying he would sign whatever deal Congress sent him, Donald Trump rejected the bipartisan deal because it didn’t do enough to prevent people of color from coming to the U.S.

Indivisible groups stand in solidarity with Dreamers and with the Dream Heroes in Congress that voted to protect them today.

This is a Trump-created crises, backed by his Republican enablers in Congress. There is a solution on the table that would both fund our government and protect Dreamers. We hope that Republicans take it.”